Worm Activities

Worm Food

Place the worm food on top of the netting.
Place the worm food on top of the netting.

In this next worm activity, you will learn how to make worm food.

What You'll Need:

Coarse netting (such as an old onion or orange sack)

Small leaves

Tent stakes


Pencil or pen

Pick a spot on the lawn with thick, green grass and soft soil. Worms will be active in this area. When the lawn has been mowed and watered and the grass is short, lay out some fallen leaves.

Cover the leaves with netting and use tent stakes to hold the netting in place. (This will keep the leaves from blowing away.) In your notebook, sketch the pattern of leaves exactly as you see them. Label this picture "Start."

Check the netting the next day. Have any leaves disappeared? Draw what you see, and label the picture "Day one." Continue checking the netting each day to see if more leaves disappear. Make a new drawing each day.

Worms like to grab leaves and pull them down in their burrows to munch on later. You probably won't see all the leaves disappear, but worms active in the spot you choose will probably take away some of them.

In our last worm activity, you will get new ideas about how to make worm observations. Read about it on the next page.

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