Worm Activities

Wiggly Workers

Watch worms
Watch worms

In this "Wiggly Workers" activity, you'll discover why earthworms have been called "a gardener's best friend."

What You'll Need:

Wide-mouth glass jar

Garden soil





Dead leaves

Paper bag

To make a wormery, first get a large jar that has a wide opening. Put in a layer of soil, a layer of peat, and a layer of sand. Water the soil well. Now dig some worms from a garden and put them in your wormery. Don't bury the worms!

They'll take care of that themselves. But do cover the worms with some dead leaves. Set a paper bag over the top of the jar. This will keep out light, but let in the oxygen that worms need. Now put the jar in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Keep your wormery damp and keep an eye on the earthworms. Can you guess why gardeners like earthworms? It's because they digest and pass soil through their bodies, loosening the soil and mixing nutrients. Plants grow better in looser soil with plenty of oxygen. Once you've seen the worms work, put them back where you got them.

In our next worm activity, you'll learn how to create a friendly competition for your worm friends.

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