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Spider 'Sniffing'

You may see a spider about to eat his prey.
You may see a spider about to eat his prey.

If you can master this next spider 'sniffing' activity, you can track down spiders at night with a flashlight. Really!

What You'll Need:




Your friends may think you're crazy when you say you're going spider sniffing, but give them each a flashlight and invite them to come with you and they'll be amazed.

Hunt for spiders in open fields where there are lots of shrubs. Go out at night and walk slowly through the area. Turn on the flashlight and hold it directly in front of your nose so that you can look down it.

Look in the shrubs and in tall tufts of grass. You'll be able to spot spiders by the bright, jewel-like glitter of their eyes. The colors are breathtaking.

Once you've spotted a spider, get as close to it as you can. Try to figure out what kind it is. If it sits still long enough, make a drawing. Then return to the area in the daytime and notice what spiders you see. Find out if the same spiders come out in the day and the night.

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