Rabbit Activities

Rabbit Nose
Make five bubbles bubbles in your balloon.
Make five bubbles bubbles in your balloon.

Now that you're ready to begin sculpting your rabbit costume, follow these simple instructions to create your rabbit nose.

How to Make a Rabbit Nose

1. Begin by inflating a balloon, leaving a 10-inch tail. Squeeze air into the balloon tail, as shown.

2. Pinch and twist a small round bubble at the end.

3. Pinch and twist five 2-inch bubbles.

4. Bring the first small bubble to the twist of the fifth 2-inch bubble. Pinch and twist-lock.

Twist the end bubbles together to make a circle.

5. There is now a ring of four bubbles with three twists. Bring the center twist to the twist-lock, as shown. Pinch and twist-lock. Tie a knot where the balloon tail meets the bubble. Cut and discard balloon tail.

Connect the center twist, and then twist lock.

NOTE: Place the nose between the twist-locked bubbles, and wear the nose with the Rabbit Hat, or alone.

Now that you've made your rabbit nose, get ready to top it off with a rabbit hat. Go to the next page for directions on how to make it.

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