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Pet Crafts

Papier-Mache Bank

A papier-mache piggy bank is fun to create.
A papier-mache piggy bank is fun to create.

Save your nickels, dimes, and quarters in a papier-mache bank. Papier-mache (which actually means "chewed paper" in French) is lots of fun to work with -- and you don't have to really chew the paper. The project is made from torn strips of newspaper and a watery glue. Roll up your sleeves!

What You'll Need:

Large (6-inch) balloon


Small (3-inch) balloon

Masking tape



Paper towel tube

Construction paper

Flour and water (for paste)


1x4-inch newspaper strips


Pink pipe cleaner

Craft glue

Pink poster paint


How to Make a Papier-Mache Bank

To make the pig's body, blow up the large balloon and tie a knot in the end. For the pig's head, blow up the small balloon and tie a knot in the end.

Tape the head to the body. Ask an adult to cut two ears from cardboard. Then cut the paper towel tube in fourths for the legs, and cut and roll a small piece of construction paper for the snout. Tape them to the balloon head and body.

Cover your work surface with newspaper. Mix flour and water together to make a paste. Use 1 cup of flour for each cup of water. Blend until the paste is smooth.

Dip a strip of newspaper in the paste. Rub the strip between your fingers to remove any extra paste. Put the strip over the balloon body, then smooth in place. Repeat until the body is covered in a layer of strips.

Then cover the head, legs, ears, and snout with a layer of strips. Apply three or four more layers of strips. Let it dry overnight.

Wrap a pink pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a tail. Glue the tail on the pig. Then paint the pig with poster paint.

Ask an adult to cut a slot in the top that's 1/2 x 1-1/2 inches -- this is the slot for your coins -- and then remove and discard the balloon.

Now you know how to make lots of fun pet crafts!

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