Pet Crafts

Dogs and cats are popular pets.
Dogs and cats are popular pets.

A "pet" is defined as an animal that's kept for companionship and enjoyment. That certainly is an appropriate description -- our pets can be entertaining and make us laugh, and they're good company, too.

Many people talk to their pets as if they were people. That may be because pets, particularly dogs and cats, are very social animals.

Pets are an important part of our lives. Some city councils (Berkeley, California, and Boulder, Colorado are two such cities) have passed a law that people who own pets must be referred to as "pet guardians" rather than "pet owners." This is meant to emphasize the special relationship we humans have with our pets.

The following links offer fun crafts for pet lovers.

A Basket for Bowser

Grow a basketful of herbs or grass for your favorite pet. You'll find all you need to know right here.

Cat and Dog Button Covers

Hey, pet lovers -- learn how to make cute button covers to remind you of your pets.

Papier-Mache Bank

Create your own piggy bank out of papier-mache.

It may seem weird, but many pets -- dogs and cats included -- like to munch on grass. Find out how to grow them a basketful on the next page.

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