Mouse Activities

Mouse Near the House Activity for Kids

Mice gnaw on nuts and fruit pits. It's a clue they leave behind.
Mice gnaw on nuts and fruit pits. It's a clue they leave behind.

Would you like to learn to spot the signs of a mouse near the house? Small rodents such as mice are shy creatures that are active mostly at night. You may never know there are any around unless you know what to look for. Mice leave behind signs that they were busy while you slept. Here's a great nature activity for kids.

What You'll Need:

Powers of observation

Look around your house and yard, especially at the base of a wall. Do you see gnawed nuts or cherry pits? Mice chew holes in cherry pits to get at the seed inside. Look also for holes near the base of the wall. These may be mouse holes.

Hunt around under pine trees. Can you find pine cones that have been gnawed apart? Squirrels often feed on pine cones, and so do mice.

Look in bark dust and other loose mulch for small, raised tunnels near the surface. Voles, often called meadow mice, make these tunnels as they search for plant material. While mice eat mostly seeds, voles eat other kinds of plant material, including flower bulbs. Gardeners don't like vole tunnels in their flower beds.

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