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Moth Activities

Moth Watching for Kids

Moth watching may not be something you'd immediately think of as a fun activity, but you might be surprised by these fascinating night visitors -- and eager to try these moth-watching activities for kids.

The first thing you need to know is that moths navigate by moonlight and can be attracted by bright lights. They also are attracted to plants with bright white flowers and heavy fragrances. (Moths help to pollinate the plants.)


Here are a couple fun and interesting ways that you can draw moths to your house at night.

What You'll Need:

White sheet or shower curtain

Desk lamp

Faded tennis ball


Fruit juice

Brown sugar

White Wall: Get an old white bed sheet or shower curtain and fasten it to an outside wall of your house near an outdoor electrical outlet. Plug in a desk lamp, and aim the light beam at the white sheet. Soon, you'll see moths congregate on the sheet. Watch for the large, beautiful Luna moth, which as an adult has no mouth and cannot feed.

Moth Food: Tie string around a faded tennis ball, leaving a long piece of string for hanging. Dissolve as much brown sugar as you can in a half-cup of fruit juice and soak the tennis ball in the mix. Hang the ball in a sheltered place. Moths will be attracted by the sweet-smelling fruit juice.

Try these ideas, and enjoy learning about moths.

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