Monkey Balloon Animal

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Sculpting a monkey balloon animal is easier than you might think!
Sculpting a monkeyballoon animal is easierthan you might think!

Sculpting a monkey balloon animal isn't as difficult as it looks. You might have watched a balloon sculptor in action and thought that you could never master such a skill, but balloon sculpting is actually easy. You just need to know a few of the basics -- pinching and twisting some "bubbles" and then twist-locking those bubbles together -- and with practice, you'll be able to design a monkey balloon animal.

The balloons used for this project can be purchased at toy stores, discount stores, or magic stores. Be sure to read through all the instructions for the project before you begin. Then, pick up your balloons and have fun!

The first step, of course, is to inflate the balloons. (Hint: Using a pump to inflate balloons is a lot easier and faster than using your own breath.)

Give the balloon a few good stretches before inflating. Then Inflate slowly and steadily to the desired length.

Let a tiny bit of air out of the balloon, so that there is enough balloon valve to tie a knot. Tie a single knot.

Once the knot is tied, gently squeeze the knotted end to release some tension behind the knot. The balloon is now ready to be sculpted.


How to Make a Monkey Balloon Animal:

1. Begin by inflating a balloon, leaving a 4-inch tail. Inflate another balloon, leaving a 2-inch tail.

2. Using the shorter balloon, pinch and twist six bubbles. This technique is achieved by pinching the balloon between your thumb and forefinger and then spinning (or twisting) the two resulting bubbles in opposite directions.

Pinch and twist six bubbles in the shorter balloon.
Pinch and twist six bubbles in the shorter balloon.

3. Fold the sixth bubble back to the first bubble and twist-lock (that is, bring the twists together and spin in opposite directions). There now should be five bubbles in a ring and the sixth bubble pushed out to the front.

Fold the sixth bubble back to the first.
Fold the sixthbubble back to the first.

4. Make an ear-twist on the second and fourth bubbles in the ring. An ear-twist is a small bubble, the end-twists of which have been folded together and twist-locked.

5. Pinch and twist a 2-inch bubble.

6. Pinch and twist the remaining section of the balloon halfway to the end of the balloon to form the front legs.

7. Twist-lock at the base of the neck.

8. At the beginning of the second balloon, pinch and twist a small bubble.

9. Twist-lock the second balloon to the base of the monkey's neck.

10. Pinch and twist a 4-inch bubble. Pinch and twist two bubbles similar in length to the front legs. Be sure there is enough balloon left for a nice long tail.

Give your monkey a nice long tail.
Give your monkey a nice long tail.

11. Twist-lock the rear legs.


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