Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Ladybug Picture Frame
This picture frame enhances a room.
This picture frame enhances a room.

Decorate a frame with these cute creepy-crawlies, and display your favorite photo inside your new ladybug picture frame. Your friends will bug out over how creative you are!

What You'll Need (makes 4 ladybugs):

  • 4 black poms, 10mm each
  • 4 red poms, 1/2 inch each
  • 8 wiggle eyes, 3mm each
  • Acrylic photo frame
  • Black dimensional paint
  • Scissors
  • 1 green chenille stem, 6mm
  • 1 green chenille stem, 3mm

Step 1: Make as many ladybugs as you want to decorate the frame. For each bug, glue a black pom onto a red pom, then glue the wiggle eyes onto the black pom.

Glue black poms onto red poms.

Step 2: Glue each ladybug to the acrylic frame. (You may want to insert a photo first so you can decide where the best spots are for your bugs!)

Step 3: Using dimensional paint, draw a thin line down the middle of each red pom, and add tiny dots all over. (Tip: It's easiest to add the dimensional paint to the ladybug after you've glued it onto the frame.)

Step 4: Cut the 6mm green stem to the length of the frame, and glue it along the bottom.

Glue the stems on the frame's bottom.

Step 5: Cut the 3mm green stem into various lengths, and glue them to the 6mm stem so they look like tufts of grass.

On the next page, learn how to paint your nails so that they look like ladybugs.

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