Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Have fun making ladybug crafts.
Have fun making ladybug crafts.

With their red bodies marked with black spots, ladybugs are very easy to spot. They're also very helpful in the garden because they eat aphids, which feed on tree sap.

Making crafts that resemble these colorful beetles is a cheerful way to spend a day. From watching ladybugs eat to painting your toenails in red and black, there are lots of simple ways to re-create the ladybug's unique look.

Follow the links below to learn how to make your own ladybug crafts.

Ladybug Buffet

With a little planning, you'll be able to find a ladybug and watch it belly up to an all-you-can-eat aphid buffet.

Coffee Can Bug

Use the lid of a coffee can to make a ladybug craft, and then play a fun game.

Ladybug Pencil Holder

Make a ladybug-inspired pencil holder.

Ladybug Picture Frame

Display your favorite memories in a picture frame decorated with ladybugs.

Lucky Ladybugs

Paint your nails like ladybugs in a few simple steps.

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