Insect Hunts

Find the Hiding Place

Galls are hiding places for insects.
Galls are hiding places for insects.

If you've ever looked closely at small plants and trees, you may have noticed bumps on their leaves or stems. Those bumps -- called "galls" -- are made by tiny insects. Find insect hiding places by making careful observations.

Find the Hiding Place

What You'll Need:


Glass jar

If the gall contains holes, it tells you that the bugs "holed up" there have left. A gall that doesn't have holes is still hiding some insects.

Go for a walk and look for galls on plants and trees. Oak trees are a favorite hiding place of gall-making insects. If you find some galls without holes, pick the part of the plant with the gall. Put it in a glass jar and cover the jar loosely, so air can get in. Keep an eye on the gall.

If you're lucky you might see tiny bugs coming out of hiding. After they do, take the jar outside and gently put its contents on the ground.

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