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Beetle Mania!

Watch mealworms grow into adults beetles.
Watch mealworms grow into adults beetles.

When is a worm not a worm? When it's really a beetle! Observe the growth of these amazing insects in this beetle mania activity.

Beetle Mania!

What You'll Need:


Glass jar with lid

Bran or oatmeal

Apple or potato


Some creatures go through big changes during their lives. One example is the mealworm, also known as the mealy worm. You can buy these at a pet store, and watch them "grow up" into adult beetles.

Step 1: Put your mealworms in a glass jar with some raw bran or oatmeal. Also put in some pieces of raw apple or potato for the mealworms to eat.

Step 2: Sprinkle a little water in the jar, and put on the lid. (Make some small holes in the lid so air can get in.) The mealworms will morph into flour beetles.

There are more than 300,000 types of beetles in the world. Some of the largest -- the Goliath beetles -- can grow as big as your fist!

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