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Chirping with Luck

Make a home for a cricket.
Make a home for a cricket.

Crickets chirp with luck (so the legend goes). If you have a friend who really wants to care for a critter, this cricket kit could be the perfect gift.

Cricket Kit

What You'll Need:

Clear plastic jar


Cotton ball

Cat food


Keeping crickets is fun and easy.

Step 1: Search your yard for a cricket. If it's winter or extremely cold outside, you might have to turn to your local pet store to buy a cricket (for about a dime).

Step 2: Wash the jar thoroughly.

Step 3: Have an adult help you poke a few air holes in the upper edge of a clean plastic jar (such as an empty peanut butter jar) with the nail.

Step 4: Slip your cricket into the jar along with a cotton ball soaked with water and a little cat food crushed to a fine powder.

Give the jar to your friend and watch him or her grin. Remind your friend to feed and water the cricket every other day. Give your friend a few extra cotton balls for water and a plastic bag full of crushed cat chow, just to get them started. And tell them the crickets should live at least 3 months (sometimes longer).

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