Insect Hunts

Mini Pit Trap

Catch small creatures for a close-up view! Construct a mini pit trap to help you catch them.

Mini Pit Trap

What You'll Need:

Garden shovel

One-quart cottage cheese tub or similar container

Rocks, board or brick about six inches wide

It's easy to make a miniature trap to catch small insects, spiders, and other soil creatures for observation.

Step 1: First, get permission to dig a hole a bit deeper than your container. Make the hole a half-inch deeper than the tub and a little wider.

Step 2: Set the tub upright in the hole and fill dirt in around the sides. Place four small rocks on the surface near the edges of the hole and set a board or a brick on the rocks.

Step 3: Now wait for small creatures to fall in your trap. Some will crawl out of the soil and fall in the pit. Others will seek shelter under the board or brick and fall over the edge. Leave the trap out a few hours. Check it in the evening and the next morning. See what happens when you set traps in sunny spots, under a tree, or in a vegetable garden.

Learn how to dig up soil and observe organisms on the next page.

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