Insect Hunts

Bug House

Make a house to watch bugs.
Make a house to watch bugs.

Make a simple bug house, and capture an insect to observe it for a day or two.

Bug House

In this bug house, you can observe an insect.

What You'll Need:

Clear plastic cup

Plastic spoon






Bottom of a leg of a nylon stocking

Twist tie

Step 1: Scoop a few spoonfuls of dirt into a plastic cup. Add some leaves and twigs and a rock.

Step 2: Moisten the soil and leaves with few drops of water.

Step 3: Set the cup inside the end of the nylon stocking.

Step 4: Now find an interesting bug. Place the bug inside the cup. Seal the top of the stocking with a twist tie. Observe your insect guest for a day or 2, and then set it free outside again.

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