Insect Hunts

From building a bug house to turning over rocks, here are some fun and simple ways to insect hunt. Check out these fun activities for kids and their parents.

Watching crickets, spiders and lightning bugs can be a fun way to learn about insects. Crickets are believed to bring good luck and fireflies use their light to send signals to other lightning bugs.


Follow the links below to learn more about bugs and insects.

Bug House

Make a simple house you can use to observe bugs.

Chirping with Luck

Make a kit in which to keep a good-luck cricket.

Beetle Mania!

Learn different ways to observe beetles.

Body Parts

Worming Around

Find out how to make a house for Caddisfly.

Find the Hidden Place

Collecting Insects

Find out how to start your own insect collection.

Let's Go Skating!

Light up the Night!

Learn more about fireflies on this page.

Mini Pit Trap

Learn how to create traps to capture insects.

Soil Discovery

The Pitfall Trap

Learn how to make a trap to catch creepy crawlers.

The Underside of Nature

Find out how to look under rocks for insects.

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