Insect Crafts

are a creepy-crawly good time.
are a creepy-crawly good time.

Whether kids love bugs or bug out around creepy-crawlies, insect crafts for kids are great fun and can bring out the curiosity in anyone. Bugs come in so many shapes and sizes, the craft possibilities are endless. So where do you begin?

Try these crafts and activities for kids to get up close to insect life both in the real world and in the world of your imagination.

Follow these links to start getting buggy with insects:

Chirp City Cricket Farm

Forget ants, build a cricket farm to satisfy your insect curiosity.

Invent an Insect

There are so many insect varieties, why not invent your own?

Moth Feeder

Moths come alive at night and with this feeder you can watch them.

Sticky Bugs Hat and Shoes

Insects will stick on your clothes in this craft.

Belle the Dragonfly

This playful craft shakes, jingles, and flies through the air.

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