Insect Activities

Shed some light on your knowledge of fireflies with this fun activity.
Shed some light on your knowledge of fireflies with this fun activity.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with an insect? Many people shy away from these little critters, but insects are fascinating creatures once you get to know them.

Check out the following pages for some insect activities for kids that won't bug mom and dad.



Each activity is thoroughly explained and easy to do. Once you complete one activity, you'll be buzzing for more!

Insect Tunnel Rubbing Activity

Ever wondered how your insect friends live? Try this insect activity and make your very own insect tunnel blueprint.

Favorite Creature Activity

Mimic your favorite insect with this fun and easy activity.

Insect Word Game Activity

Combine your love for words and insects with this word puzzle.

Rotting Log Insect Activity

Rotting logs are home to many insects. Try this activity and pay your insect friends a little visit.

Insect Feeding Station Activity

Try this insect feeding station activity, and have your neighborhood insects buzzing with joy.

Lawn Insect Activity

Go on your very own lawn safari with this exciting insect activity.

Pill Bug and Isopod Home Activity

These two insect activities will keep you busy for hours. Observe pill bugs in their natural habitat and then make a comfy home for them to kick back and relax in.

Cricket Molting Activity

Try this fun insect activity and make your own cricket molting museum.

Firefly Activity

Fireflies are nature's flashlight. Try this activity and learn more about these unique insect.

Insect Word Game Answers

Resist the urge to look at the answers first. Try the insect word game activity beforehand.

Jump right in and continue reading to the next page, starting with the insect tunnel rubbing activity. Learn how to make rubbings of these insect highways.

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