How to Hang a Bird House

Building and maintaining bird houses is an excellent family project. After the bird house is finished, you can all go outside together to hang it up and welcome the local birds to your yard. Setting up a bird house will allow your family to view the wide range of beautiful birds that inhabit your environment. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to hang a bird house.

  • Secure the bird house Make sure your bird house is properly secured to your tree or post, so that it can support the weight of the birds. Purchase two mending plates (steel plates with three eyelets) to fix the bird house firmly in place. Place one plate at the top and one at the bottom of the bird house. Secure each plate to the bird house and to the tree by driving ¾-inch screws through the eyelets on the plates and into the tree or post [source: Snyder].
  • Choose a location Where you hang your bird house will determine how many birds will visit. Similarly, the height at which you place the bird house will determine what types of birds will visit. Refer to a bird house chart to make sure you place your bird house at the correct height to attract the birds from your region [source: Snyder].
  • Attach a predator guard To ensure that you provide the birds with a safe home, it's advisable to attach a predator guard below the bird house. There are a variety of guards, including conical metal collars and galvanized stovepipe, that will protect the birds from raccoons and snakes that climb up poles and into bird houses to find prey [source: Cornell].