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Horse Crafts and Activities

Horsing Around

Walk, trot, or gallop your way to equestrian fun when you play horsing around. Anyone who's ever watched a horse knows they have at least three very distinctive gaits. They walk -- the same smooth motion we use when we walk. They trot -- a quick step in jerky, one-at-a-time rhythm. And they gallop or canter -- a smooth, graceful, long-stepped run. Why not try a game of horse follow-the-leader?

What You'll Need:



Long sticks

Styrofoam chunks

Magic markers

How to Play Horsing Around:

Step 1: Find a stick that stands up to your belly button. This will be the body

of your horse.

Step 2: Take large chunks of Styrofoam and decorate them with eyes, mouths, and a nose. This will be your horse's head.

Step 3: Attach the head to the stick. Hop on that horse (staying on your feet, of course) and ride!

See how it feels to ride a stallion or a mare!

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