Horse Crafts and Activities

If your children love horses, they'll love the horse crafts and activities for kids in this article.

Horses have several different gaits, or paces. Your child can learn to trot, gallop and canter like a horse by following the instructions in this article. It's a fun way to exercise while learning more about horses.


They can also learn how to trace and decorate pictures of horses. The ideas in this article are fun and easy to follow.

Keep reading to learn more about horse crafts and activities.

Horsing Around

Learn how to run like a horse with the activity on this page.

Tracing Horses

Make creative pictures that celebrate your child's love of horses.

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Horsing Around

Walk, trot, or gallop your way to equestrian fun when you play horsing around. Anyone who's ever watched a horse knows they have at least three very distinctive gaits. They walk -- the same smooth motion we use when we walk. They trot -- a quick step in jerky, one-at-a-time rhythm. And they gallop or canter -- a smooth, graceful, long-stepped run. Why not try a game of horse follow-the-leader?

What You'll Need:



Long sticks

Styrofoam chunks

Magic markers

How to Play Horsing Around:

Step 1: Find a stick that stands up to your belly button. This will be the body

of your horse.

Step 2: Take large chunks of Styrofoam and decorate them with eyes, mouths, and a nose. This will be your horse's head.

Step 3: Attach the head to the stick. Hop on that horse (staying on your feet, of course) and ride!

See how it feels to ride a stallion or a mare!

Ready for more fun with horses? Keep reading to learn about tracing horses.

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Tracing Horses

Tracing Horses shows all the ways you can "see" a horse -- realistic, imaginary, colorful, or fuzzy.

What You'll Need:

Book or magazine with horses


Tracing paper


Coloring tools such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, or pastel chalks


Blunt scissors

Craft glue

Poster board

Step 1: Look through a book or a magazine to find a picture of a horse. Using tracing paper and a pencil, trace the horse shape several times.

Step 2: Now use different coloring tools to decorate the horses. Color one in with crayons and use chalk to fill in another one. You can even cut and glue felt to cover one of the horses. Use as many different mediums to color your pictures as you can.

Be creative with your colors, too. Your horses can be red and orange, or they can have purple and green stripes.

Step 3: Cut all your new horses out, and glue them into a poster picture on a piece of poster board.

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ABOUT THE CRAFT DESIGNERSHorsing Around by Maria Birmingham, Karen E. Bledsoe, and Kelly Milner Halls.