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Frog Raft

You'll shout "Frogs Ahoy!" with this Frog Raft Frog Craft and Activity.
You'll shout "Frogs Ahoy!" with this Frog Raft Frog Craft and Activity.
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This easy-to-make frog raft will have you saying "Ahoy!" Kids can make this frog craft and take it for a sail. Frogs at your local pond will agree that a miniature raft made just for frogs is a great idea.

With access to a pond at night, you can go frog "hunting." Shine a flashlight out over the pond and watch for glittering frog eyes. Then launch the frog raft and see if you can get any passengers.

What You'll Need:

  • Board (18 inches long, one inch thick)
  • Candle or small electric lantern
  • 2-inch-long nail (if using candle)
  • Plastic bag (if using lantern)
  • Heavy twine
  • Large screw eye

How to Make a Frog Raft:

Step 1: Insert a screw eye in one end of your board and tie the end of your twine to it.

Step 2: For a light, drive a nail all the way through the board. Stick a candle on the pointed end that comes through the board.

Step 3: If your nights are too breezy for candle flames, omit the nail and candle, and use a small battery-powered lantern instead. It won't be as attractive as a flickering candle flame, but it may still attract frogs. Seal the lantern in a heavy plastic bag, then tie it to the board.

Step 4: Put the frog raft in the water and give it a push, then wait quietly for frogs to jump aboard. See how many passengers your raft will attract.

Even if you don't catch any frogs, you can make your own frog in the next activity.

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