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Fish Crafts

Neon Fish Shirt & Visor

This neon fish shirt and matching visor remind us of a day at the beach or a fabulous vacation. The ocean motifs make the t-shirt a perfect choice to wear over a bathing suit, while the visor will help protect your child from too much sun. Sponge-print clothing is simple to design and easy to produce.

Completed version of neon fish shirt and visor
A Neon Fish Shirt & Visor will make
kids ready for the beach.

What You'll Need:
  • White t-shirt and white plastic visor
  • Dimensional fabric paint in bright blue, neon pink, and neon green
  • Compressed sponge
  • Shirt board
  • Yardstick
  • Disappearing-ink pen
  • Tracing paper, or white paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Palette
  • Waxed paper

How to Make Neon Fish Shirt & Visor:

Step 1: Put the t-shirt on a shirt board. To make guidelines for sponge prints, place yardstick across shirt about 2 inches below bottom of neckline. With a disappearing-ink pen, make 2 lines, one above and one below the yardstick. (These lines should be about 1-1/4 inches apart.)

Step 2: Make 4 more lines each about l-1/2 inches below the previous one. Then make one last line 1-1/4 inches (approximate width of yardstick) below those. There should be a total of 7 lines drawn across the shirt front.

Step 3: Trace fish and wave patterns onto white paper or tracing paper and cut out. Draw around patterns onto compressed sponge, once for wave and twice for fish. Cut out. Moisten sponges and squeeze out all excess water.

Trace and cut out fish patterns
Draw patterns on compressed sponge and cut out.

Step 4: Squirt blue paint onto palette in a puddle about the size of the wave sponge. Dip wave sponge in paint, dab off excess on clean area of palette, and press sponge gently to center of shirt just slightly above the top guideline.

Step 5: Then, working from the center, match edge of sponge with edge of first printed wave to continue row of waves. Make an equal number of waves on each side of first wave.

Make row of waves with wave sponge
Create a row of waves starting in the center of the shirt.

Step 6: Repeat for second row of waves, aligning each print with the corresponding wave in the row above. Place second row of waves just above the second line.

Step 7: Squirt puddles of neon green and neon pink paint onto palettes. Dip one fish sponge into pink paint, dab off excess, and press to shirt just above the third line, with fish facing left.

Step 8: Using other fish sponge, dip into green paint, dab off excess, and make a green fish print about 1/8 inch to each side of center fish. Green fish should face right.

Green fish face right
Press fish sponge onto shirt with green fish
facing right and pink fish facing left.

Step 9: Continue by making pink fish on each side of green ones. Make another row of fish below, starting with the green fish in the center. Make third row of fish identical to first row. (Note: On shirt, all pink fish face left and all green fish face right.)

Step 10: Complete shirt by using wave sponge and blue paint to make 2 more rows of waves.

Step 11: To paint the visor, place it on waxed paper. Starting in center and working out, make a row of waves at the top of the visor, curving to conform to shape.

Step 12: Under the waves in the center of the visor, make a green fish facing left. Make pink fish on each side, facing right. Curve around with pink fish to conform to visor shape.

Stamp the pattern on the visor similar to the t-shirt
Put the fish facing the opposite direction on the visor.

Step 13: Hold visor firmly on waxed paper and make another row of waves below fish, curving completely around visor bill. Run off edge onto waxed paper if necessary. (Note: On visor, pink fish face right and green fish face left.)

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