Fish Crafts

You don't have to live near the ocean to have some fishy fun. With fish crafts for kids our scaled and finned friends don't have to spend all their time behind glass. Fish can swim on clothes, dangle from mobiles, or even fly on a kite.

Use these fish crafts to get your sea legs and watch how far your imagination can sail.

Neon Fish & Waves fish craft
Unlike the real thing, crafty fish can go anywhere,
with anything, and are easy to handle. You can
even wear some of them -- like this
Neon Fish Shirt and Visor.

Follow these links to discover all the fun things you can do with fish:

Awesome Aquarium
The fish in this aquarium don't need to be fed and can be any color and pattern you want. Awesome.

Carp Kite
Make fish fly with this lofty fish craft based on a traditional Japanese kite.

Brightly Colored Fish Romper
Colorful fish brighten a white romper with this adorably easy fish craft.

Neon Fish Shirt & Visor
Watch fish swim across your clothing without lifting a needle in this paint project.

Puffy Fish
You'll get puffed up by how well you can pull off a lively-looking fish with this creative fish craft.

On the next page, you can get the sea party started with your own maintenance-free fish aquarium.

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