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Dog Quiz
Dog Quiz

Think you know your poodle from your greyhound? Take this dog quiz to see how much do you know about man's best friend.

1. Which of the following is a dog's sharpest sense?


A. Smell

B. Sight

C. Touch

D. Taste

2. What is the heaviest dog, weighing in at a record 305 pounds?

A. Saint Bernard

B. Bullmastiff

C. Rottweiler

D. Great Dane

3. How many teeth does a dog have?

A. 36

B. 58

C. 42

D. 28

4. What is the world's fastest dog?

A. Irish Setter

B. Whippet

C. Cocker Spaniel

D. Greyhound

5. What kind of dog doesn't bark?

A. Pekinese

B. Dachshund

C. Basenji

D. Akita

6. What is the smallest breed of dog in the world?

A. Schnauzer

B. Poodle

C. West Highland White Terrier

D. Chihuahua

Now that you know more about dogs, keep reading to learn how to show off your cuddly canines to friends and family. For answer to this quiz, visit our quiz answers page.

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