Cat Crafts

Cat Bed Craft

Give your outdoor cats a warm and snuggly cat bed for curling up. Many cats prefer spending time outdoors. If you have a kitty friend that lives for wide-open spaces, why not make a cat bed craft for those sleepier times?

Does your cat have a favorite spot under the rose bush? Does she sleep on the back porch in the sun? Make a mental note of where your cat snoozes. Now, ask your parents for old newspapers, an old blanket, and a needle and thread.

What You'll Need:

  • Old blankets
  • Newspaper "stuffing"
  • Safe scissors
  • Needle and thread

Cut two pieces of the blanket into heart shapes about three feet across and three feet tall. Stitch one side of the heart together at the edges to make a pillow, stuff it with newspapers, then sew up the remaining half at the edges. Then, put your cat's new special pillow in its favorite spot.

Continue reading to find out more about the following project, a mouse your cat is sure to love.

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