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Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly Autograph Book

Trace the butterfly body and wing details with black marker, then cut out.
Trace the butterfly body and wing details with black marker, then cut out.

This butterfly craft gives your kids a very special place to collect signatures, poems, favorite sayings, and memories. Everyone in the family can invent their own unique butterfly design to grace the front of the butterfly autograph book. Let your creativity soar!

What You'll Need:

  • Card stock: 1 sheet each yellow, blue
  • Colored paper scraps: pink, purple
  • Black permanent felt-tip marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Gold glitter paint
  • 1/8-inch hole punch
  • 8-inch length black elastic cord
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 10 sheets white copy paper, 8-1/2x11 inches each
  • Large-eyed needle
  • 36-inch length embroidery floss or string
  • Glue stick

How to Make a Butterfly Autograph Book:

Step 1: Download this PDF butterfly pattern and print it out. Use it to trace the butterfly body on the sheet of yellow card stock. Trace the wing details on the colored paper. Outline all the pieces with the black felt marker, and cut out.


Step 2: Glue the colored details on the wings. Add dots of gold glitter paint to the wings. Let dry. Fold the wings up on the dotted line. Punch holes where shown on the pattern.

Step 3: Cut the elastic cord in half. Thread one length of cord through each set of holes with the loop on top. Slip the ballpoint pen under the loops. Turn the butterfly over, and tie the elastic ends in a knot on the back. Set the butterfly aside.

Step 4: Cut the blue sheet of card stock into two 5-1/2-inch squares for the book cover. Measure 1/2 inch in from one edge of one of the squares and draw a line. Beginning 1/2 inch in from one edge, mark 5 hole positions 1-1/8 inches apart along this line. Punch a hole on each mark. Repeat for the second square.

Step 5: Fold each piece of copy paper in half widthwise. Trim excess paper along one side so the pieces measure 5-1/2 inches wide. Use one of the cover squares to mark holes on the folded edge of each piece of paper. Punch holes.

Step 6: Stack the white pages between the book covers, lining up the holes. Thread the needle with a doubled length of floss. Stitch all of the pages and covers together using a running stitch.

Start by pushing the needle up through the first hole, leaving a 1-1/2-inch tail of floss in the back. Pull the floss down through the second hole, up through the third, down through the fourth, and up through the fifth. Return the row of running stitches in the opposite direction.

Glue the butterfly body to the cover and leave the wings free to fly.
Glue the butterfly body to the cover and leave the wings free to fly.

Cut off the needle, and tie the ends of the floss together at the back of the book. Trim any excess floss. Glue the butterfly to the top of the book along the body section, leaving the wings free to flutter!

The next butterfly craft will teach kids how live butterflies migrate and hibernate. Learn how to build a butterfly house in the next section.

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