Butterfly Activities

Butterfly Puddles

Butterfly puddles give butterflies a helping hand by offering them a drink. During this butterfly activity, children will learn that butterflies cannot sip water from ponds or other bodies of water. The surface tension of the water is too strong for their delicate wings.

Instead, these insects must drink water from nectar and other moist substances. Male butterflies often "puddle" in the summertime at muddy spots which provide butterflies with the water and minerals they need.

You and your kids can provide a mud puddle for butterflies to gather in.

What You'll Need:

  • Flat pan (such as a pie pan)
  • Garden soil
  • Water

How to Make Butterfly Puddles:

Step 1: Fill an old pie pan or other shallow pan nearly to the rim with plain dirt, which is rich in minerals.

Step 2: Add water to make soupy mud.

Step 3: Set your homemade mud puddle out where lots of flowers attract butterflies.

Step 4: Add enough water each day to keep the mud very wet. Watch the puddle over several days. You may see butterflies landing on the mud for a drink.

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