Butterfly Activities

Butterfly activities for kids offer great ways for kids to understand and appreciate the butterfly, one of nature's most beautiful insects. Everyone is interested in the world around them and what makes things tick. Your family can learn a great deal about butterflies by observing and performing experiments right in your own back yard or kitchen.

Remember, most butterflies and insects that your kids find are harmless. Take sensible precautions, however. Always make sure kids wear shoes in areas where bees are found, especially in lawns with lots of clover.


Follow the links below to find lots of fun butterfly activities for kids (and adults) of all ages:

Butterfly Puddles

Give your neighborhood butterflies a place to get their daily water and minerals.

Butterfly Balloons

Be the hit of your next family gathering and learn how to sculpt butterfly-shaped balloons.

Caterpillar Hatchery

See a caterpillar bloom into a beautiful butterfly, right before your very eyes.

Butterfly Net

Make this simple net to help kids capture and study butterflies in flight.

Butterfly's Delight Muffins

Attract butterflies to the yard with a sweet, flowery treat made just for them.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can create a gathering place for thirsty butterflies right on the front lawn.

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