How to Make Bird Snacks

Food for Flyers Bird Snacks

Birds can always use a helping hand to find food during the winter months. Help them out by creating this food for flyers bird snacks project.

What You'll Need:

  • Scrap wood
  • Saw
  • Outdoor paint
  • Metal brackets
  • Peanut butter
  • Lard or shortening
  • Pine cones or yogurt cups
  • Half-pint berry basket
  • String
  • Safe scissors

Whether you're setting up a backyard wildlife refuge or just want to attract a few birds, you'll enjoy having and maintaining bird feeders in your yard. To make a window feeder, cut a piece of scrap wood (with adult help) as wide as a window. Paint it, then use metal brackets to mount it underneath a window. You can offer seeds, fruit, or cut-up suet on a table. You can also set out a shallow dish of water for the birds to drink.Straight peanut butter is too sticky for birds, but you can mix it with equal parts lard or shortening, then stir in corn meal and sunflower seeds until the mixture is stiff. Stuff the mix into pine cones and hang them up, or spoon into yogurt cups and hang the cups in trees.To make a fruit feeder, tie long strings to the corners of a half-pint plastic berry basket. Tie the strings together and hang the basket from a tree branch. Put a few cut cherries, grapes, or other diced, brightly-colored fruit in the basket. Offer a small amount of fruit at a time and replace the fruit daily. Offer this in the summer when fruit-eating birds are active.On the next page you'll learn how to make a great bird snack for the holidays.For more fun activities and bird-related crafts, check out: