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How to Make Bird Feeders

Water Hole Bird Feeder

Water Hole Bird Feeder
Water Hole Bird Feeder

This Water Hole Bird Feeder will attract more wildlife to your backyard by offering water all year round.

What You'll Need:

  • Hose with nozzle
  • Water
  • Pie pan
  • Pea gravel,
  • Garbage can lid,
  • Small, rigid-sided plastic wading pool, shovel, newspaper
  • Flat river rocks

If you were a bird, could you find enough places in your neighborhood to drink? Do your local water sources dry up or freeze? Make life easier for wildlife with a human-made oasis. For a garden stream: Step 1: Put a fan-shaped nozzle on the end of a hose and lay the hose in a flower bed or garden that needs watering. Step 2: Turn the hose on to make a slow, gentle stream. Step 3: Let the water run across the garden. Birds will be attracted in the evening after a long, thirsty day.


For a pie-pan bird bath: Step 1: Set a large pie pan on level ground. Step 2: Pour a thin layer of fine gravel into the bottom and add a rock for birds to sit on and weigh the pan down.

Step 3: Pour in an inch of water.

For a garbage-can-lid bird bath:

Step 1: Excavate a shallow hole in the ground and set the lid in it.

Step 2: Sprinkle gravel in the bottom, add some rocks, and pour in an inch of water. During the winter, have an adult help you keep the water from icing over.

For a plastic wading-pool pond:

Step 1: Have an adult help dig a hole six inches wider and three inches deeper than the pool.

Step 2: Pour three inches of pea gravel in the bottom for drainage.

Step 3: Put an inch-thick layer of newspapers on the gravel to cushion the pond bottom.

Step 4: Set the wading pool in the hole. Add flat rocks on the bottom of the pool and rocks on one side to make a shallow bathing area.

Step 5: Fill the pool with water. Fill in around the outside of the pool with more gravel.

Step 6: Place rocks, small logs, and plants around the edge to make the pond attractive to wildlife.

The early bird catches the worm, and you can open your own early bird diner by following the bird feeder project on the next page.

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