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How to Make Bird Feeders

Twig Roof Bird Feeder

Be a friend to wildlife with this Twig Roof Bird Feeder. With its old-fashioned twig roof, it's fun to look at even before the wild birds visit for dinner.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic bleach bottle, well cleaned
  • 18-inch length of cord
  • Lots of dry twigs, about as thick as a pencil
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Acrylic paint: green, white


  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Pruning shears
  • Felt pen
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paper plate

Have an adult help you when using a drill, pruning shears, and a glue gun.


Step 1: Be sure that the bottle you use is perfectly clean. Have an adult drill a small hole in the center of the bottle cap.

Step 2: Poke the cord through the hole, and tie a knot in the end so it won't pull through. Screw the lid back on the bottle.

Step 3: Draw the window shape on scrap paper and cut it out. Hold this paper against the bottle about two inches up from the bottom. Trace around the window; then trace another window on the back of the bottle.

Step 4: Carefully poke the scissors through the middle of the traced shape, then cut out the window. Repeat for the other window.

Step 5: Select a long, sturdy twig for the perch. Have an adult use the pruning shears to cut it six inches longer than the bottle is wide.

Step 6: Snip two holes in the plastic bottle, centered under each window. The holes should be just big enough for the perch to poke through when you push real hard. It will help to have someone hold the bottle while you push the perch through.

Step 7: Cut two leaf shapes out of the sponge: a large leaf about two inches long and a smaller leaf about one inch long.

Step 8: Spread dark green paint on a plate. Dab the large sponge leaf in the paint, then onto the sides of the bottle. Stamp six or seven dark leaves on each side of the bottle, then let them dry.

Step 9: Mix some white paint into the green to lighten it. Use the smaller sponge leaf to stamp light green leaves around and on top of the dark leaves.

Step 10: Clip a twig to fit from the bottle cap out over the side of the bottle -- about five inches long. Hold it against the bottle and notice where the twig touches the plastic. Apply hot glue to the bottle at these points, then lay the twig in place.

Step 11: Work around the top of the bottle, gluing twigs next to the bottle cap. Then cut shorter twigs and glue them between the first ones, until your roof is filled with sloping twigs.

Step 12: Fill the bottom of the bottle with birdseed.

Provide some watering holes for birds with the bird feeder on the next page.

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