How to Make Bird Feeders

Birdbath Bird Feeder

Birdbath Bird Feeder
Birdbath Bird Feeder

Water is often in short supply in the wild. Give some feathered friends a hand by providing precious water with this Birdbath Bird Feeder.

What You'll Need:

  • Flat pan
  • Rock
  • PVC pipe (six inches wide)
  • Rope (1/4-inch thick)
  • Brick
  • Garbage can lid

For a simple birdbath:

Step 1: Lay a shallow pan of water on the ground.

Step 2: Put a rock in the pan to keep it from getting knocked over.

For a more permanent birdbath:

Step 1: With help from an adult, cut a four-foot length of six-inch diameter PVC pipe. Sink it about two feet into the ground.

Step 2: Cut a three-foot length of 1/4-inch rope. Tie one end of the rope to a heavy rock or brick. Tie the other end to the handle of a garbage can lid.

Step 3: Drop the rock or brick down the pipe. It should hang about halfway down. The weight of the hanging brick holds the garbage can lid in place upside-down.

Step 4: Fill the lid with water. To clean, simply lift the lid out and wash it.

The next bird feeder will help your feathered friends start the day right.

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