Bird Crafts

Thirsty Birds Craft

Help the birds in your neighborhood quench their thirst by completing the thirsty birds craft.

In hot weather, the usual sources of water may evaporate or run dry. In cold weather, these same water sources may freeze. Help birds by putting water out for them.

What You'll Need

  • Plastic milk jug
  • Tape
  • Water

How to make the thirsty birds craft:

Start with a plastic milk jug with the top cut off. Put tape around the rim to cover the sharp edge. Make sure the container is shallow enough that small birds can drink out of it.

In summer, refill containers often to offset evaporation. In winter, go out every morning. If ice has formed in the container, break it up and add more water if needed.

Remember: Water in small, shallow containers will freeze more quickly than water in large, deep containers. If water is scarce, your "drinking fountains" will attract many other animals in addition to birds. At dawn and dusk, stand back at a safe distance and watch them.

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