Bee Activities

Buzz Like a Bee Activity

What do bees and ballerinas have in common? Check out the buzz like a bee activity and learn about the amazing antics of the busy little bee.

What You'll Need:

  • Field guide to insects or other reference book

How to do the buzz like a bee activity:

You probably already know that each kind of animal has its own language. Birds have all different calls and songs. Dogs bark, cats meow, and dolphins "click."

And what about bees? Well, they use their own kind of sign language. They communicate with one another by dancing. For example, a honeybee that has found food tells other bees about it by flying in a circle if the food is nearby, and in a figure eight if it's far away.

At the library, check out a field guide to insects or a book about bees. Learn more about how bees communicate. Spend some time watching bees. Finally, see if you can dance like a bee. Try imitating the different patterns you've read about.

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