Bee Activities

Bee happy. These bee activities for kids bring a real buzz to a child's party or play group.

Bees are among the most curious and amazing creatures in the world. The bee activities in this article will help you discover something new about bees -- and have some fun in the process.

Follow the links below to get started on these great bee activities:

Bees in Color Activity

Would bees still be attracted to flowers if they weren't colorful? Check out this activity to find out if bees can see color.

Honeybee Cookies

These cookies aren't just delicious -- they're fun to make. Kids will enjoy using icing and candy to decorate these tasty honeybee cookies.

Buzz Like a Bee Activity

Explore this activity to discover what it takes to buzz, move, and shake just like a bee.

Can bees see color? A simple experiment can answer that question. Learn about the bees in color activity in the next section.

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