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Animal Crafts

Floppy Friends Animal Craft

You'll flip over the floppy friends animal craft. These adorable, fuzzy animals are fun to make and collect.

Start by making a basic body shape. You can use this basic body shape to make an elephant, polar bear, grizzly bear -- any animal you can imagine.


What You'll Need:

  • Two chenille stems, 6mm each
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • One pom, 2 inches
  • Glue
  • One pom, 1 inch

How to make the floppy friends animal craft basic body shape:Step 1: Cut two chenille stems in half to create four 6-inch pieces. Wrap one of these pieces around a pencil to create a tight spiral, then carefully slide it off. Step 2: Repeat with the remaining 6-inch stems.With this basic body shape, you can make almost any animal. Try a Hippopotamus, as in the following instructions, or create your favorite animal.

Floppy Friends Hippopotamus Animal Craft

What You'll Need:

Basic body shape, gray

1 gray chenille stem, 6mm



1 gray pom, 3/4 inch

2 black poms, 5mm

2 wiggle eyes, 6mm each

Nail scissors

2 white poms, 5 mm each

Step 1: Cut two 1/2-inch pieces from the chenille stem. Bend each piece into a semicircle to form two ears; glue them to the head.

Step 2: Add a snout by gluing the 3/4-inch pom to the front of the head. Glue both black poms to this snout to create nostrils. Glue the wiggle eyes above the snout.

Step 3: Use nail scissors to trim a small strip in the shape of a mouth just under the snout, and glue in both white poms to look like teeth.

Cute and fuzzy hippos are fun, but a Frankenstein animal puts a scary twist on the craft. Continue reading to find out more.

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