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Animal Track Stamps Craft

Make animal track stamps.
Make animal track stamps.

Animal tracks can tell quite a story. They can tell you where an animal has been and where it's going. Tell your own critter tales by completing the animal track stamps craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Small blocks of wood (about 2x2x1)
  • Adhesive moleskin (found in the foot care section of the drug store)
  • Ink pen
  • Field guide to animals
  • Scissors
  • Stamp pad

Step 1: Turn the moleskin to the paper side. With an ink pen, draw the outline of animal tracks. (Use the pictures in a field guide as patterns.)

Step 2: Cut out the shapes with sharp scissors, then peel off the paper backing.

Step 3: Stick the shapes onto a small block of wood. Press your stamp on the stamp pad and stamp away.

Try making a set of tracks that tell a story. You could show one animal following another, or space tracks farther apart to show an animal running. A cluster of tracks in a small area could show that the animal had found something to eat or something else of interest.

Now that you've explored using animal tracks to tell a story, use your creativity to make your own cardboard animal crafts. Learn how in the next section.

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