Animal Crafts

Thummies Animal Craft
Make a thummies animal.
Make a thummies animal.

For an animal craft with a neat artistic twist, try making a thummies animal craft. With your thumb print as a starting point, you can come up with all sorts of fun animal art creations.

What You'll Need:

  • Water-based ink stamp pad
  • Drawing paper
  • Fine-point felt-tip pen

How to make a thummies animal craft:

Press your thumb on an ink pad, then press it on a piece of paper. With a fine-point felt-tip pen, add details to your thumb print to create an animal, a person, or a silly character.

Draw ears, whiskers, and a tail to make a cat, or add spots, legs, and antennas to make a ladybug. There are so many fun creations you can make.

Add spots, legs, and antennae to make a ladybug.

Try using your pinky or index finger for prints in different sizes and shapes. Or press four or five thumb-prints in a row to make a caterpillar. Use your thumb print animals to decorate greeting cards and stationery or to illustrate a story.

For a great year-round animal craft, check out the wildlife calendar in the next section.

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