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Animal Activities

Camouflage Animal Watch

This kind of animal craft takes patience and determination, but is worth every minute when you spot your favorite animal in the camouflage animal watch.

If you've ever walked through the woods hoping to see wild animals, you've probably been disappointed. Animals camouflage themselves to hide from visitors. Camouflage allows them to blend into their surroundings.


By learning a few camouflage tricks, you can watch wild animals by using their own secrets of disguise.

What you'll need:

Dull-colored clothing

Dark green or tan tarpaulin (or blanket)

Ready to start animal-watching? Not quite! Read the following camouflage tips to make the most of your animal adventure.

Blending In

Birds see in colors, so colorful clothes will give you away. Wear gray, tan, or brown. Mammals don't see color, but can tell if your clothing is light or dark compared to the background. Choose clothing that won't contrast with the background.

Changing Shape

Wild animals recognize predators and prey by their shape. Many animals have patterned coats, which make it harder for predators to spot them. Drape yourself in a dull-colored tarp or blanket and assume an outline that animals won't recognize.

Go Undercover

Animals hide from predators by using cover, such as bushes, trees, and rocks. Make your own cover: Drape a blanket or tarp over a low branch, tent-style, and sit under it. Be still for at least 20 minutes.

No Scents

Wild mammals have an excellent sense of smell. If mammals smell you, they will stay away -- even if you hide. When you choose a place to sit, make sure it is upwind of the area you're watching.

Have Patience

Predators may hide by a water hole for hours waiting for their prey. You must be just as patient. The outdoors isn't a zoo, and animals aren't easy to find. Wild animals follow their own schedules. If you don't see any animals one day, try another day or a different area.

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