Animal Activities

Who's Out There?

 Find out "Who's Out There?"
Find out "Who's Out There?"

If you've ever awakened in the middle of the night and heard strange animal noises coming from 'out there,' you know that you are not alone. Find out who's out there. Go to the library, check out a field guide, and learn what animals live in your area. Then take a nature hike and see if you can meet some of your neighbors.

What You'll Need:

Reference book or field guide



The best time to do this is either just after it gets light in the morning, or at dusk. Most animals are more active at those times than they are during the day. Watch for signs of animals, such as paw prints or animal homes. Keep a journal of your animal sightings.

Try this activity at different times of the year. Do you see different animals during different seasons? When do they gather food or build new homes? When do you see baby animals?

Remember: Never approach or touch a wild animal. Most wild animals are afraid of humans and, if threatened, will try to protect themselves -- sometimes by biting. Also, wild animals carry diseases. If you see an animal that seems to be sick or injured, call your city's animal control department or the police. Don't try to help the animal yourself.

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