Animal Activities


You may be surprised how many animals live near your house -- but you might have to wait for nightfall to see a lot of them. Nightwatching will show you how to spot those animals that come out at night.

What You'll Need:


Red cellophane

Rubber band

Woods, parks, fields, and other places are often full of animals we're not aware of because they come out at night. If you are quiet and still, you can see some of these night creatures.

Go with an adult, and find a safe place in the woods where you can sit and watch. Make sure the spot is quiet and well away from any bright lights. During the daytime, you can remove sticks and rocks, so the spot will be more comfortable. You can also lay a folded blanket out.

Before going out, cover the front of a flashlight with two layers of red cellophane. Red light won't affect your night vision, but it is hard for most animals to see. Go outside and wait a few minutes for your eyes to become adjusted to the dark.

Turn on your flashlight and go to your spot. Allow yourself at least a half an hour to sit. Listen carefully for any animal noises. If you hear something, you can slowly move the beam of your flashlight toward it, but try to see it without the aid of the flashlight first.

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