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Animal Tales

An "Animal Tale" Animal Craft.
An "Animal Tale" Animal Craft.

One of the best ways to learn about animals is to read about them, and this 'Animal Tales' project encourages young experts to create an original story using their animal knowledge.

Learn the characteristics and habits of a small, medium, or large mammal and then let your imagination run wild -- just like your favorite animal!

What You'll Need:

One or more animal reference books



Go to a pet store, an animal shelter, or the zoo and look at the mammals they have: mice, cats, giraffes. You'll probably find that there's one kind of animal that's your favorite. Ask questions to learn about your favorite animal: What kind of home does it need? What does it eat? How does it play?

Check out a library book about the animal, read it, and then write a story about all you learned. Remember, the important thing is to have fun getting to know this very special

little part of nature.

The next project shows you how to create a craft that lets you 'speak' your animal's language. Learn how on the next page.

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