Beyond Bowties: 10 Formal Looks for Your Groomsmen

The classic tux is great, but what if your groom is a little more style-savvy than the average guy?

Buccina Studios/Thinkstock

Let's face the truth. From birth on up to adulthood, boy clothes just aren't as adorable or creative as girl clothes. Even as grown-ups, when a couple enters the room, your eye is probably drawn to whatever colorful frock the feminine half is sporting. Who could blame you? The guy is probably in the standard khakis and polo shirt combo that's the male default dress-up outfit.

If you're worried about the dismal fashion forecast for your wedding day, we've got good news. Ever-evolving wedding trends include more creative and flexible attire options for the groom and his attendants. Gone are the days when men were limited to 007-style penguin suits (although this classic is still a handsome option). Brides and grooms looking to shake up things a bit can choose from a variety of colors and styles from the casual, elegant look to ultra-chic.

Looking for the perfect fit for your tall, dark and handsome attendants? Keep reading for 10 looks to suit every type of nuptial.