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Wedding Dresses

There's a wedding dress for every bride -- in fact, maybe too many choices! Discover the perfect gown with some help from these articles.

How -- and Why -- to Choose a Reception Dress

It's beautiful, elaborate and -- let's be honest -- unwieldy. So why not ditch that wedding dress after the "I-dos" and slip into something more comfortable and fun? Here's our case for the reception dress.

Much Ado About Alterations

Wedding dress alterations can be stressful. Read about perfecting your wedding dress in Much Ado About Alterations at TLC Weddings. See more »

A Girl's Glossary of Wedding Dress Terms

This glossary of wedding dress terms will help you pick and alter your gown to exactly your specifications. Learn all the wedding dress terms you need to know. See more »

10 Dress Trends to Steal from the Runway and Wear Down the Aisle

These 10 dress trends to steal from the runway and wear down the aisle will give you ideas for your own gown. Read about wedding dress trends at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Are designer wedding gowns worth the cost?

Are designer wedding gowns worth the cost? Find out whether or not designer wedding gowns are worth the cost? See more »

Discount Wedding Dresses 101

In Discount Wedding Dresses 101 we'll show you how to find a designer dress on a bargain basement budget. Read about discount wedding dresses at TLC Weddings. See more »

How -- and Why -- to Choose a Reception Dress

How and why would you choose a reception dress? Read about how and why to wear a reception dress after your wedding. See more »