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Wedding Dresses

There's a wedding dress for every bride -- in fact, maybe too many choices! Discover the perfect gown with some help from these articles.

10 Dress Trends to Steal from the Runway and Wear Down the Aisle

Dynamic black accents and beguiling overlays are just a couple of trends that will add a touch of the unexpected to your wedding day. We'll help find the style that suits you.

Why do brides wear white?

As the song says, "Here comes the bride, all dressed in white." But why? Sure, there's a tradition attached to it as with so many other wedding customs. Sometimes, however, traditions were made to be broken. See more »

10 Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Many of the gowns that land on the best-celebrity-wedding-dress lists just look uncomfortable. So what are some of the itchiest, heaviest and most ill-fitting choices that celeb brides have made in the name of fashion? See more »

Bridal Gown Shades

Which bridal gown shade will look best on you? Not all whites are the same, as anyone who has ever picked out paint colors can attest to. Use these guidelines from Kleinfeld Bridal co-owner Mara Urshel to choose the right bridal gown shade for your skin tone. See more »

Gown Buying Tips

From the folks of Say Yes to the Dress here are some tips on buying a wedding gown. See more »

Photo Slideshow: Wedding Dress Trends

Say Yes to the Dress gives you pictures of wedding dress trends. Click here to see pictures of those trends. See more »

Shopping with Sarah: Your Perfect Plus-size Gown

When you have a full figure, finding the right pair of jeans can be stressful. And shopping for a wedding gown? Ladies, you don't need nerves of steel -- you just need tips from an expert. That's where Sarah Velasquez comes in! See more »

5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Fabrics for Plus-size Brides

A-line gowns look great on curvy women, but this silhouette isn't the final word in fashion for plus-size brides. We've picked five popular styles and recommended figure-flattering fabrics, too. See more »

5 Dress Shopping Tips for Plus-size Brides

Shopping for a wedding dress can be extra stressful for plus-size brides. Finding a dress that highlights your best assets and fits your budget is no easy task. Keep these five tips in mind for bridal bliss. See more »

5 Tips for Relieving Wedding Stress

If your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, then why do the months leading up to it feel like torture? Trying to please everybody and find time for everything can bring on stress. Here's how to banish it. See more »

The Bride's Ultimate Guide to Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown

You've got the perfect guy. Now you've got to get the perfect gown! With countless silhouettes, necklines, embellishments and colors (yes, there are multiple shades of white) to choose from, you need a friendly guide. That's where we come in. See more »