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Makeup Guide for the Mature Bride

Mature Bride Makeup: Selecting Makeup to Cover Wrinkles and Sun Damage
Mature skin needs extra prepping to keep wedding day makeup looking beautiful.
Mature skin needs extra prepping to keep wedding day makeup looking beautiful.
Marc Debnam/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Everyone's skin suffers from wrinkles and sun damage, from the moment we begin to play outside and expose our skin to the elements. Becoming vigilant about wearing sunscreen and moisturizer with an appropriate SPF can help slow down the effects of the sun.

Your best defense against skin imperfections actually comes before applying any makeup. Using moisturizer when your skin is still damp helps create a supple and even-feeling base for any makeup. Next, apply a light yet full-coverage foundation to help even skin tone and allow makeup to be applied smoothly and easily. Make sure to match the foundation color to your skin tone, so your skin won't be a shade or two off from your neck and shoulders. A cream-based concealer is a good bet for a seamless look that will give amazing coverage over the entire face.

Then, dab a skin-perfecting concealer on top of foundation to your most problematic areas. You can apply this cream lightly with your fingertips, targeting sunspots and wrinkles without putting unnecessary heavy makeup on your face.

Finally, use a finishing powder to set your makeup while it's still drying. This will complete a flawless finish, and will allow you to enjoy your wedding without worrying about makeup fading or smudging during the festivities.