Makeup Tips for Every Wedding
woman applying powder to her face

A flawless face requires a light dusting of powder.

Photo courtesy Mary Kay

By nature, weddings are fraught with details, with the possible exception of last-minute elopements in Las Vegas. Brides everywhere agonize over the location, décor and floral arrangements with an intensity rivaling some nuclear arms summits. On the most important (and most photographed) day of any bride's life, it's crucial that her makeup doesn't fall by the wayside. After all, going easy on the makeup can leave a woman in white looking unnaturally pale, and overdoing it can quickly turn a blushing bride into a Bobo the Clown clone. Fortunately for brides of all seasons, times of day and locations, TLC has some suggestions for looking natural -- yet radiant -- and keeping that glow for the entire ceremony and reception.