Most Gorgeous Celeb Brides

In our opinion, Grace Kelly holds the crown for being the most gorgeous, glamorous celebrity bride ever.

George W. Hales/Stringer/Getty Images

Many of us grab the latest tabloid off store shelves with starry eyes when a new celebrity couple ties the knot -- which glamorous designer did the bride choose to make her dress, and how fabulous was her bling? The world of the rich and famous is mesmerizing on any average day of the year, but it's even more exciting when a celebrity wedding is the topic of conversation.

Starlets not only marry the rockers or actors the rest of us can only fantasize about, but they often have unlimited wedding budgets and multiple designers knocking down their doors at the chance to create their one-of-a-kind wedding day looks, too. What would it be like to have the wedding day of your dreams, complete with an A-list of stylists and designers in tow? Although competition was stiff, we've narrowed down the list of stylish celebrity brides that stand out among the rest. Dripping in diamonds and covered in several yards of ivory chiffon and silk organza, here are 10 gorgeous celebrity brides.